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Love my emails?  Flodesk is my go to email tool!  Enjoy 50% of lifetime access.

How I evaluate my client experience and track all the things.  Save 20% off your first month or year and a Free Trial.

I use Tailwinds to schedule my Instagram and Pinterest posts.  I also utilize the link in bio for my profile.  Take your first month on me! 

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The Conversion Lounge Community is a monthly membership subscription. What's included in your membership? Access to exclusive online monthly meet-ups, exclusive downloadable resources, and exclusive educational content - blog posts, podcast episodes, and video webinars - curated exclusively for members.  7 Day Free Trial + 50% OFF Lifetime Access!



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Love my website?  It's been created in Showit.  Showit gives you the best of both worlds.  Drag and drop with a Wordpress Blog.

How I present my client projects and how I stay organized within my business.

How do I fill my feed without breaking the bank?  Styled stock images from Social Squares.  Learn more.

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Do you have a new website to launch? A new freebie? A course launch? Creating a “Coming Soon” landing page is the perfect way to create buzz surrounding your new launch. I’m giving you my Showit Coming Soon Template and teaching you how to utilize it with Flodesk to grow and cultivate your email list.

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We're busy curating all the best resources and content for you and your business.  

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